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Web BackOffice for Forex Brokerage Company

Web based BackOffice application. 3 level of users’ hierarchy:

  • IB (introducing broker)
  • Group Administrator
  • Super User


  • Client/Potential Client — search/view settings/edit settings
  • Account Execution — search/view settings/edit settings/money transfers
  • Position Management- search/view orders/close orders
  • IB/Broker/Commission Group — search/view settings/edit settings
  • Pool/Fund — search/view settings/edit settings/money transfers
  • Bulk and Group Mail — email sending
  • Contract PDF Document Generation — dynamically generates PDF doc for a specified client
  • Activities Log System — system writes to log every action performed by system users
  • Integration of back office and web site of company. Real time synchronization of MySQL and Sybase databases
  • Automated Order History Module — the system receives e-mails with attached files in PDF /XLS/HTML format, which contains of processed orders (opened/closed), parses, attached files and put them into database repository


J2EE, Java Servlets/ Tomcat 5.0, JavaMail, Jakarta, JDBC, Apache 2, SQL, Sybase ASE 12.5, MySQL 4.0, HTML/JavaScript/CSS, PHP4, PDFLib.