ESS-UA philosophy is a diligent, original and efficient activity for the benefit of the company and its clients.
As a software development lifecycle model we use iterative development approach following RUP methodology with average length of iteration about 2 months. Alternatively we apply XP practices with short 2-weeks iterations. Continuous integration and automated tests are used in both cases.

For existing software products we apply reverse engineering, the process of discovering the technological principles of an object or a system through an abductive analysis of its structure, function and operation. It often involves taking a software program apart and analyzing its workings in detail, usually to try to make a new program that does the same thing without copying anything from the original.

For cost/time effectiveness reason, project specification can be put together by a customer with/without our expertise.

Our typical software development project includes the following phases:

  • Business processes analysis, documenting requirements, data collection.
  • Preparation of the Initial project specification document (project-team is finalized and project lead is elected).
  • Planning, design and architecture of the system phase.
  • Project signing (development starts).
  • Coding, development, and testing.
  • Delivery, maintenance and support.

Within project development exact set of project documentation is specific to each customer and depends on his requirements on project deliverables, but typical documentation set includes (but not limited to):

  • Contract, Statement of Work, Project scope, Acceptance Criteria, Milestones and deadlines.
  • Requirements Specification, Vision, Use Cases, Requirements repository.
  • Design documentation (UML), System Architecture Document.
  • Test plan, Test specs, Test Cases, Test Reports.
  • Project Plans.
  • Release notes, Training Materials.
  • End-User documentation.
We are sure that with our experience, technological and organizational maturity we are able to realize mentioned project successfully, with high quality, on time and on budget.


Development of full-scale intranet-portals, B2B and B2C — platforms. Creation of complicated Web-applications.
Distributed systems on Web Services technologies.

Algorithmic solutions

Realization of different algorithms, engines development for numerous solutions.


Development of unique informational systems targeted at solving a range of tasks like workflow, logistics, sales management, E-Commerce, learning modules for education.

Database management systems

Design and programming of database and informational systems with intensive use of MSDB (on the basis of: Sybase, DB 2, MSSQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc).

SAP Business ONE (consulting, programming & support)

SAP Business One, Warehouse Management, Add-ons, SDK solutions

Additional services

Migration of outdated informational systems to new technological platforms including .NET.