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Multi-tier Betting/Trading System

System includes Server (Service, Service Controller, Data Feeders) and Client Applications (Betting Terminal, Manager Application, Administrator Application).

Application Responsibilities


  • Serving clients connections and requests
  • Providing clients with quotes using push technology
  • Data storage and backup

Service Controller responsibilities:

  • Monitoring service status
  • Display information about performance parameters (max/min/avg connections, processor loading, request queue, etc.)

Data Feeders — dynamic link libraries:

  • Connecting to the data source and get quotes, news, etc


  • Connecting to the server and authentication
  • Obtaining quotes in real time
  • Display graphics financial market prices over time, according to historical data and came quotations
  • Preserving history market
  • Obtaining market history
  • Bidding
  • Display history rates
  • Display account information in the system
  • Automatically application update

Manager Application:

  • Accounts management
  • Orders management
  • Display Profit/Loss statistic
  • Display symbol market statistics
  • Creating various reports

Administrator Application:

  • Start/stop server manually
  • Start server as service
  • Configure server startup variables
  • Configure server
  • Display error/working logs


C++, CryptoLib, TeeChart, NET 2.0, C# , Threading, MT4 API, SQL, MySQL 5.0, managed C++