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M2E Pro — eBay Magento Integration

The M2E Pro extension integrates Magento and eBay platforms.It allows quickly and easily creating and managing listings, synchronize Stock Level and import eBay Transactions and Orders.

The extension interacts with any of 22 major eBay marketplaces, including eBay Motors.

It is possible to use multiple eBay accounts and multiple Magento stores.

By using Price, Description and Listing template users of the M2E Pro are able to enhance Magento product presentation as eBay item listing. It is possible to create listings of major Listing Types (Auction, Fixed Price, and Store Inventory).

User friendly interface allows easy overview and management (revise, relist, and stop) of the listed eBay items as well as quick navigation to the items on eBay site and the associated product in Magento store.

Flexible options for Stock Level Synchronization allow configuring level of synchronization, which applicable for certain Magento site environment. Depending on the settings the synchronization can be performed on both platforms – on eBay and on Magento site.

Most important feature of the extension is eBay Transactions and Orders Importing. It is possible to import Transactions only or Transactions and Orders. The last one allows having all Orders for listed and sold items on eBay amongst Magento Sales Orders. These Orders are associated with the store, where the sold products were listed from. Depending on the settings, the Customer associated with Order is handled as a Guest Customer, Imported Customer or Single Predefined Customer. If Order item or shipping currency is different from Magento Base Currency, then auto conversion is performed, according to Magento Currency Rates.

Extension allows access to the main activity logs (eBay Listings activity, eBay Data Synchronization, and eBay Transactions/Orders). Users are able to set settings for auto cleaning of logs – this allows decreasing volume of log information and keeping only necessary data.


Magento, eBay API, PHP5, Zend Framework, MySQL 5.0, Javascript, AJAX