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Lean Planning SaaS

Lean Planning Online in the construction allows a simple and convenient online scheduling to build and maintain. The schedule was 24 hours a day at each site for all interested parties, including the construction specialists.

Lean Planning Online is designed specifically for the construction plans.

This takes into account the major building features, like scheduling of weekend days and time off days, review each project, weekly, monthly statement and overview 3 months and a print function.
The building has access to a dashboard page that all projects are planned with Lean Planning Online are displayed. There is also a list of all construction specialists, housing models and users in one of the projects involved.

Each construction project has a schedule for the construction industry. It may be planning, building numbers, milestones and time off days can be viewed, added, changed or deleted.

Online Scheduling with Lean can both residential, high rise buildings and plans.

Would you make a plan in one week is? Whether you want to know what is scheduled in week 46? Then look in the week view. Using the arrow moves your screen easily and quickly to the week before or after.
Are you interested in a long term view? Then choose the month view or the view three months.

Most construction professionals in their planning is not dependent on all parties. When these are all visible, this can be confusing. By all parties to select for your plan are important, you get a clearer view.

On weekend days in advance you can schedule and time off days. Unexpectedly an additional verletdag planned, such as frost, you can customize it directly. Modifications are immediately visible to all subcontractors. You can choose whether to delay the weekend days and days to visible or not. This way, choose the option that most in your situation overview.


.NET 3.5, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC Framework, JQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, MS SQL